Play Your Part — An Open Letter

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Thanks to you, the convergence-continuum theatre company has purchased the building which has been our artistic home for the past 15 years. With your continued support, we can grow and revitalize this theater space.


playYourpartGrowThe current owner of the building, Clyde Simon, is the artistic director and a founding member of convergence-continuum. He also lives in the building’s backstage apartment. Because Clyde lives “backstage,” he shares his home with actors, directors, and designers during rehearsals, performances, set builds, and company meetings. Clyde single-handedly manages the 6000 square foot property, which is a full-time job in and of itself. It is a labor of love and he does not make any financial profit. However, the duties of owning the building have become financially and physically overwhelming. At the end of 2016, Clyde can no longer continue as building owner and operator. Relieved of these two responsibilities, Clyde will then be able to once again focus his energies on directing, acting, designing, and all of the things he enjoys as a member of the theatre company.

The time has come for Clyde to leave his legacy to the company he loves, so he is offering to sell the building to us at a bargain price. He is not looking to make a profit from us – our purchase price would be the exact amount needed for Clyde to pay off the mortgage and cover closing costs (approximately $130,000). Not only is this price far below market value, it is much less than what he paid for it and the expenses he’s incurred converting the building into what it is today. Our goal is to purchase the building and establish a reserve fund for future facility expenses.

Unfortunately, Clyde must sell after 2016. If we can’t raise the money to purchase the building, he will list it for sale at market value. Anyone could purchase it and the future of convergence-continuum may be in jeopardy.

**Note: Clyde owns the Liminis Theater Building. He does not own the theatre company. No person “owns” convergence-continuum.


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