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Most theatres are like mirrors, reflecting the familiar. You go to a show, you sit, you watch a play, and then you go home. You watch the actors from across the chasm of a "fourth wall." Everything is nicely laid out for you as you view what is comfortably, safely beyond that wall, confident that you will be made, indeed are expected, to understand the experience in terms of conventional logic.

Arenít we all tired of that by now?

What if theatre werenít a mirror reflecting the familiar, but an opening into unknown territory? What if there were no fourth wall? What if, instead of going to the theatre to watch a play, you crossed the threshold into the world of the play to experience it? Theatre that expands the imagination and extends the conventional boundaries of language, structure, space, and performance that challenges the conventional notions of what theatre is. What sort of theatre would this be?

We are convergence-continuum.

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 HARBOR by Chad Beguelin

A non-conventional family comedy
directed by Cory Molner

Now onstage Thurs-Sat at 8 pm thru July 30

Newlyweds, Kevin and Ted, live in tranquil, affluent domesticity, until Kevin’s pregnant slacker sister and her precocious teenage daughter show up unannounced at the couple’s Sag Harbor home, and then all hell breaks loose. The bonds between kith and kin are tested in this alternately biting and moving comedy.

My Barking Dog by Eric Coble
with Stuart Hoffman and Amanda Lin Boyd, directed by Sarah Greywitt.

 IN THE NEWS: Tom Hanks visits con-con, Plain Dealer

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