2017 SEASON: The Culture of Mayhem / Something New

Overview | NEOMFA Playwrights Festival (Feb 9 - Feb 18) | Harm's Way (March 24 - April 15) | Massacre (Sing to Your Children) (May 19 - June 10) | Neighbors (July 7 - July 29) | Rhinoceros (August 25 - September 16) | In the Closet (October 13 - November 4) | The Chaste Genius and His Deathray Gun (December 1 - December 16)

by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
directed by Terrence Spivey

July 7 - July 29

NEIGHBORS is in parts minstrel show, family drama and tragic farce as it takes racial rage head-on in our supposedly "post-racial" world with shocking, savage humor. This outrageously provocative and controversial play will be directed by Terrence Spivey (dir. of last year's con-con production of Bootycandy).

 HARM*S WAY by Mac Wellman

March 24-April 15

directed by Clyde Simon
Set in a mythical American West, the fantastical exploits of Santouche, a very angry person, as he pursues his sense of law & order in a world of other very angry persons. The action doesn’t unfold in any specific time/place, but all the characters drink from the same poisoned American well. It might be anytime in the last 70 years, or possibly even in the next.

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