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Cross the threshold to Cleveland's up-close, and OUT there theatre.

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The GrownUp Postcard_Page_2.jpg

The Grown-Up

by Jordan Harrison

directed by Amy Bistok

October 13 - November 4, 2023

Thursday-Saturday at 8PM

Ten year old Kai is given a magical crystal door-knob by his grandfather that enables him to travel through space and time to see future events in his life. The further along he goes, the less he feels like he's seeing into his future, but more that he is living life as most people do; all too quickly. Both poignantly sad and zany, Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison expands on the notion that life is too short to miss any moment of it.

Coming Up Next:

Wonderland Wives Postcard2.jpg

Wonderland Wives

by Buddy Thomas

December 1 -23

Thursday-Saturday at 8PM

Note: Wonderland Wives is intended for mature audiences with very immature tastes. Cinderella’s Prince Charming is serving ten years in the pen, Belle’s house is overrun with little monsters, Alice has been hitting the caterpillar’s pipe a little too hard lately, and Snow White’s husband has shacked up with the three little pigs. Now she’s keeping up appearances as the fairest in the land with the help of a little girdle and a lot of hair dye, and trying to keep Belle from draining the royal booze reserves and Cindy from inhaling the banquet table...

Our Season

About con-con:

What if theatre weren't a mirror reflecting the familiar, but an opening into unknown territory? What if there were no fourth wall?


What if, instead of going to the theatre to watch a play, you crossed the threshold into the world of the play to experience it? 


Theatre that expands the imagination and extends the conventional boundaries of language, structure, space, and performance that challenges the conventional notions of what theatre is.


What sort of theatre would this be?

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