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Cross the threshold to Cleveland's up-close, and OUT there theatre.


Speech & Debate

by Stephen Karam

directed by Leo Fez

August 2 - 24, 2024

Thursday-Saturday at 8PM

Three teenage misfits in Salem, Oregon discover they are linked by a sex scandal that’s rocked their town. They may go to the same school, but misfits Solomon, Diwata and Howie have never met and their teachers and peers just don’t take them seriously—until a sex scandal involving one of their teachers brings them together.  Soon they realize that three voices are stronger than one. And since their school has no speech and debate squad, maybe this is their chance to be heard at last—by the school and even the world. When one of them sets out to expose the truth, secrets become currency, the stakes get higher, and the trio’s connection grows deeper in this searching, fiercely funny dark comedy with music.

Tweener Series:

Songs Without Words

Written and Performed by Jennifer Vosters

directed by Michael Cotey

Thu Aug 29, 2024 - Sat Aug 31, 2024


You may have heard of the great composer F. Mendelssohn. You may not have heard that there were two. Equally talented siblings Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn were each other's chief supporters and best friends. But under the constraints of an unforgiving world, there was only room for one to be great.


Songs Without Words is the funny, tragic, and heartfelt story of one artistic soul inhabiting two very different artists. Featuring a solo actor's tour-de-force performance as both Fanny and Felix, Songs Without Words wrestles enduring questions of gender and genius, family and fame, siblinghood and the power of art.

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About con-con:

What if theatre weren't a mirror reflecting the familiar, but an opening into unknown territory? What if there were no fourth wall?


What if, instead of going to the theatre to watch a play, you crossed the threshold into the world of the play to experience it? 


Theatre that expands the imagination and extends the conventional boundaries of language, structure, space, and performance that challenges the conventional notions of what theatre is.


What sort of theatre would this be?

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