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Cross the threshold to Cleveland's up-close, and OUT there theatre.

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Last Ship to Proxima Centauri

by Greg Lam

directed by Cory Molner

May 24 - June 15, 2024

Thursday-Saturday at 8PM

The Earth has become uninhabitable. The last escape ship from Earth (Seattle, to be exact) arrives to its new home planet centuries after all the others. The pilots are not prepared for what they find there.


LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI asks us to examine 21st Century America through the lens of futurist neo-colonialism, 2000 years after the end of Must See TV.

Greg Lam is a playwright, screenwriter, and board game designer who lives in the Greater Boston area. He is the creator of the Boston Podcast Players podcast which presents excerpted readings of new full length plays by and interviews with Boston playwrights since 2016.

Our Season

About con-con:

What if theatre weren't a mirror reflecting the familiar, but an opening into unknown territory? What if there were no fourth wall?


What if, instead of going to the theatre to watch a play, you crossed the threshold into the world of the play to experience it? 


Theatre that expands the imagination and extends the conventional boundaries of language, structure, space, and performance that challenges the conventional notions of what theatre is.


What sort of theatre would this be?

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