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convergence-continuum's 2024 Season:

Mar 29-Apr 20, directed by Jeannine Gaskin

The witches are up to something in the small-town South. When Marsha moves from Berkeley to Virginia to reconnect with her family’s roots, she finds a barista with an astrology obsession, a Confederate monument gone missing, and the makings of a bisexual love story — if she wants it. With humanity, humor, and as many layers as a biscuit, this new play explores the families we choose, the families we don’t, and the folks making magic in a changing South.

May 24 - June 15, directed by Cory Molner

The Earth has become uninhabitable. The last escape ship from Earth (Seattle, to be exact) arrives to its new home planet centuries after all the others. The pilots are not prepared for what they find there.

LAST SHIP TO PROXIMA CENTAURI asks us to examine 21st Century America through the lens of futurist neo-colonialism, 2000 years after the end of Must See TV.

August 2 - 24, directed by Leo Fez

Three teenage misfits in Salem, Oregon discover they are linked by a sex scandal that’s rocked their town. When one of them sets out to expose the truth, secrets become currency, the stakes get higher, and the trio’s connection grows deeper in this searching, fiercely funny dark comedy with music

October 4 - 26 directed by Eva Nel Brettrager

The camera holds on a lingering shot of the buzzing neon sign and you know exactly where we’re at - EXT. a shitty roadside motel.
INT. A group of old friends reuniting to escape wife and life. But as the sun sets and the heat rises, old ghosts begin to walk among the living. Asking questions about queer representation in pop culture, The Pitchforks is a tender love-letter to and vicious indictment of horror movies and the people who love (and hate) (and make) them.

Last SHip.jpg
December 6 - 21 directed by TBA

Ditty Blaylock, the most prolific singer in gospel music history, is being honored by Gospel Music Network. All the stars are aligning to showcase Ditty’s songs on her TV special. But there is one glitch. A little hiccup. Ditty has promised a reunion of The Blaylock Sisters, her three adult daughters who were once national sensations – “little superstars for Jesus.”

Rachel, the oldest sister, who lives with Ditty, is furious when she finds out that her baby sister Bethany, an atheist and lesbian, and Abigail, her middle sister who has “anger issues” and currently is confined to a mental facility, are headed home. What the public doesn't know is that these complicated sisters have been estranged for over twenty-five years – and extreme past circumstances, including a husband left in a coma, have made reconciliation impossible.

Once the sisters are reunited, secrets are revealed, tempers flare and family wounds are exposed. But… the show must go on!

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